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Rip-off Britain, and false advertising

OK.  Despite the bad things I have to say about it, I'm shopping for an iPad.  Because it's simply the only tablet worth buying - laptops with screens that flip over don't count, and there aren't any true Windows 7 tablets/slates available.

Here's a little more about my rip-off Britain rant from the last entry.  You may also notice a super-subtle reference to one of my other pet peeves.  Table-iser... on!

iPad price table


Note : Squarespace does bad things to my tables, like ignoring the border, padding and spacing attributes.  This is a Screengrab from Calc.

You'll notice that 16GB, 32GB and 64GB are nowhere in sight.  That's because those are the raw capacities of the flash memory in the device.  When a file system is applied to memory during formatting (a necessary step to make the memory usable), some of that capacity is used up by the file system.  If my iPhone is a good indicator, Apple's file system reduces capacity by about 8.5%.  The figures above are estimates based on that assumption, but rest assured that when you buy anything with a HDD or flash memory, the usable capacity will always be lower than listed.

I think it's acceptable to list the raw capacity when you're selling unformatted memory - such as a USB flash drive or a HDD - because you don't know what file system the buyer is going to format it with.  But when you're selling a device with a specific file system you should just be honest about it and tell your customers what they're actually buying.


Back to the pricing.  Yeah.  I want the 64GB 3G version so that means I'm getting ripped off by about £140, or $200.  Not to mention that it's a tad overpriced to begin with - I don't think a 3G chipset costs $130 somehow!  They could at least have managed a webcam for that much.  Time to shop around.  If I'm lucky my employer will agree to a staff discount and I can pick one up for £630... when there's one available.